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Eastown Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy offering prescription service, pharmaceutical care, minor ailments prescribing, expanded pharmacist services, routine vaccinations and blister packaging of medications.


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Eastown Pharmacy Offers Traditional as well as New Expanded Pharmacy Services

 Traditional Pharmacy Services

Professional and Personalized Service
Patient Counseling and Drug Information
Fast and Friendly Service
Meds Checks Medication Reviews
All Drug Plans Accepted
For complicated medication schedules, we fill your medicines in Compliance Packs, also known as Blister Packs or Dosettes, prepared in our dedicated blister pack room
Certified Weight Management and Obesity Counselor
Certified Cardiovascular Coaching/Counseling

Expanded Pharmacy Services

Renew or adapt prescription for chronic or stable conditions (excluding narcotics)
Counsel and prescribe certain drugs for smoking cessation
Certified to vaccinate for the flu as well as for 13 vaccine-preventable diseases (5y.o & up)

Pharmacist Prescribing for 19 Minor Ailments

100% OHIP Covered
view of various medicines

Compliance Packaging Services at No Extra Cost

Taking 3 or more medications regularly?

Forgetting if you've taken them sometimes or taking double the dose other times.

We have the solution for you to make taking your medications easier.

For those with multiple medications or complicated medication schedules we can fill your medicines in Compliance Packs also known as Blister Packs or Dosettes. There is no extra charge for this service. We fill them in 1, 2, 3 and 4 week supplies depending on your choice.

We assemble your blister packs in a dedicated blister pack room in the pharmacy which allows us to carefully and accurately prepare the reminder packs without interruption or distraction.

Interested ?

Are you interested in any of our pharmacy services or do you have any questions?

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