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Eastown Pharmacy's Telemedicine Walk-In Clinic and Virtual Medical Visits. 100% Ohip Covered

Eastown Pharmacy is now offering telemedicine medical care in our in-house medical office located right inside the pharmacy in Windsor.


Patients can simply walk-in and are seen very quickly for many common medical issues and needs.


You also have the option of seeing our physician(s) "virtually" in the comfort of your home or workplace using your computer, ipad, or cell phone.


Telephone consults are also available.

What Is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a medical service whereby a physician provides medical care to a patient through a digital platform instead of the physician and patient being physically together. The physician and patient are connected together through a video "virtual" visit using a device that connects to the internet, such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Patients have a choice of seeing a physician virtually via this telemedicine feature either in a physical location offering such facilities - like Eastown Pharmacy or in their home using their own computer, tablet or cell phone.

Eastown Pharmacy is able to offer walk-in telemedicine services (as well as offsite virtual care) through our association with Taiga Health.


You can quickly and easily make an appointment to be seen either by an Ontario licensed physician in our in-house telemedicine medical office or offsite in front of your computer, tablet or cell phone. You can also just speak to the doctor by telephone if you prefer.

To book an appointment, click on There are two "Book Now" buttons. If you want to be seen offsite at home, in your office or in your car (using your own computer, tablet, or cell phone), click the "Book Now' button under virtual care (top left). 

If you would like to be seen inside the Eastown Pharmacy telemedicine medical office, click on "Book Now” under "Taiga Walk-In Clinic" to select your appointment time...... or just walk-in, and we will book the appointment for you and register your visit as well.

Here is a list of treatable issues using our telemedicine services that Ontarians aged 16 and over can generally access.

Telemedicine App

Now you can use our Telemedicine application to book an appointment and get the medical care you need!

                                                                               Click here

Book a Doctor's Appointment

Book a doctor's appointment on-site in our telemedicine office at Eastown Pharmacy or virtually on your computer, ipad, or cell phone. Also, you can book an appointment by telephone by calling at 1-866-323-9376

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