[12:28 p.m.] Valerie Myre
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At Eastown Pharmacy we combine traditional pharmaceutical care along with lifestyle medicine to help you attain your health goals

Eastown Pharmacy, located in Windsor, Ontario Canada, was established by

Stavros Gavrilidis (Steve Gavrilos),  an independent pharmacist with experience spanning over three decades.

Steve was diagnosed with heart disease in 2017. Rather than sticking to standard medical interventions, he opted to switch to a different and proven dietary lifestyle used by some of the most longest-lived and healthiest societies in the world today by adopting the Whole Food Plant Based  (WFPB ) Diet along with regular basic exercise.

This lifestyle resulted in dramatic beneficial changes in his health conditions, reversing his heart condition in six months and ridding him of 40 lbs. Since then, he has founded the Plant Based Wellness Forum through which he helps people understand and adopt this miraculous lifestyle to help people such as yourself lead a healthier and happier life.

As Featured in Healthy Human Revolution

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