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Our Pharmacy Introduces the Plant-Based Wellness Forum - PBWF

The Power of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet


Although prescription drugs are very powerful, potent, and effective agents used in the treatment of common medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, various cancers, autoimmune diseases, and others, they also come with major concerns to our overall health by the very nature of what they are that being chemicals with both beneficial and desirable effects but also adverse or side effects, which can at times cause more harm than good.


As well, most prescription drugs that are used to treat such chronic and lifelong conditions must be taken every day for the rest of your life, some added on while others are taken away, and only serve to manage or control the disease instead of stopping it, reversing it, and curing it completely. 


On the other hand, most chronic conditions are lifestyle-related - The North American Diet, otherwise known as the Western Diet, the Standard American Diet or S.A.D. Diet, which is loaded with animal products, saturated fats, processed foods, and oils and oftentimes results in you becoming overweight or obese, is the primary cause of these conditions. A sedentary lifestyle along with stress from various sources in our life adds to the toxic recipe responsible for these "diseases of affluence" by sending the body into a cascade of very unpleasant and dangerous metabolic effects, leading to poor quality of life at the very least and unfortunately a shortened lifespan in many cases.

This is no mystery to anyone who looks beyond pills and procedures to find a solution to what is ailing them. That solution is to adopt a diet that is primarily based on eating plant-based whole foods while minimizing or eliminating animal products, processed foods, including fast food, and oils-even olive oil!

At Eastown Pharmacy, not only do we fill your prescriptions in a dependable and professional manner and provide you with personalized service, but in doing so, we also incorporate the power of a whole food plant-based diet centred around teaching, coaching, and counselling you to help you halt and even reverse your conditions so that you can decrease or even eliminate some or possibly all of the medications you are taking in order for you to lead and enjoy a longer and more healthful life free of the common diseases of affluence, such as heart disease, diabetes, and others. 

In early 2020, we founded the PBWF - The Plant-Based Wellness Forum with the focus on helping you attain knowledge and understanding, through group presentations, one-on-one counselling, and informative podcasts to help you incorporate the power of a whole food plant-based diet as part of your everyday lifestyle.

A Message from Canada's Plant-Based Pharmacist

As an independent pharmacist with over 30 years of experience, I know that prescription medications are great at managing your chronic medical conditions, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases and many more. Unfortunately, these chronic diseases are never cured by pharmaceutical drugs and the disease continues to brew silently underneath oftentimes causing life-threatening complications down the road.

After being diagnosed with Heart Disease in 2017, instead of following the standard medical interventions available, I opted to change my lifestyle wherein I adopted a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet. I stopped eating meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, oil (including olive oil) and processed (junk/fast) foods and soft drinks/juices. The only things I ate were fruits, vegetables, whole grains/complex carbs, legumes and small amounts of nuts and seeds.  My drink of choice was water. As a result of my plant-based whole food diet along with walking 30 minutes a day, I lost 40 lbs and my heart disease was reversed within 6 months.


plant based weight loss plate

Thrilled by this, I have since attended numerous seminars on Lifestyle Medicine involving Plant-Based Nutrition and have also graduated from the Dr. T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program at e-Cornell University. 

This knowledge and experience have empowered me with the ability to help motivated patients to reduce and even eliminate some or all of their medications.  As well, these patients may also see dramatic results in successfully halting and potentially reversing their common ailments. Concurrently, successful patients often experience a "desirable side effect"; a significant and healthy amount of weight loss oftentimes allowing them to achieve their ideal weight and have a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) thereby reducing their health risk of acquiring any of the chronic "diseases of affluence" such as heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and many common cancers.

Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle Resources

PBWF Virtual Counselling

PBWF Virtual Coaching/Counseling is available on Zoom. Please book the session by clicking on the link below, and we will get back to you with the time and dates available, and will subsequently send you a Zoom link for the appointment you have chosen.

Healthy Alternatives

Explore the goodness of plant-based foods.

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