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Plant Based Wellness Forum - PBWF is for anyone who cares about their health, happiness, well-being and longevity.              If you are one of these people, then PBWF is for you!

Creation of PBWF

I founded the Plant-Based Wellness Forum to help patients like you, your family, and friends learn how you can incorporate the power of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet into your lifestyle and obtain the miracles that it can provide for your health and wellbeing.


Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition is evidence-based scientific prevention and treatment for many common medical conditions. It is simply part of a lifestyle change for those willing to take their health destiny into their own hands.

The majority of people today choose a pharmacy without even considering who the pharmacist is that will be taking care of their health while dispensing their medications. I believe this is a huge mistake! Just like choosing your doctor or dentist, you should choose your pharmacist wisely. 

If you are looking for something more than the typical prescription service you get from a pharmacy, then I am the pharmacist you are looking for and I invite you to make the switch and become my client today.

In addition to our full-service pharmacy and telemedicine/virtual medical services, our Plant-Based Wellness Forum (PBWF) offers group health talks and individual coaching/counselling (in person or virtually), centred around a whole food plant-based lifestyle as well as a Podcast show and Facebook page. We welcome you to enjoy all our pharmacy, prescription, medical and whole-food plant-based wellness services as well as visit us often at our new website, our FB page and tune into Plant-Based Wellness Forum- the Podcast at https://pbwf.buzzsprout.com/.


Before you leave this page, ask yourself just one question:

"Do I want to live a life taking medicines in the form of pills and more pills, having doctor visits after doctor visits, and getting procedures and more medical procedures, or would I rather take my medicine in the form of a rainbow of vibrant and life-giving plants as the source of my health, wellbeing and longevity?"

If your answer is the latter, then your health destiny is in your hands and I am here to help you achieve this!


Steve Gavrilos

Steve Gavrilos,

Canada's Plant-Based Pharmacist

“ I push plants...instead of pills”

Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, (Completed June, 2020),

T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and eCornell University

Food plate

WFPB Virtual Counselling

WFPB Virtual Coaching/Counseling is available on Zoom. Please book the session by clicking on the link below, and we will get back to you with the time and dates available, and will subsequently send you a Zoom link for the appointment you have chosen.

Traditional and Lifestyle Medicine

We address the root cause of chronic disease with scientific and evidenced-based therapies and strategies involving lifestyle behaviours and modifications

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